Guilty Pleasures of the Internet

5 Sep

I’ve been stuck at home with my sickness for the past week and a half (I’ve also been stuck at home with university assignments, bleh!), and as such, I’ve spent a LOT of time in bed or on the couch with the laptop. There’s not much in that that’s worth blogging about! So, I thought I’d share my guilty pleasures of the internet – the websites and online games that steal my days away. Sounds fun right?!

  • Not Always Right – working in retail like I do, you learn to appreciate this website because everything is something you can relate to. Stories of ridiculous encounters in the work environment… Hilarious!
  • I Am Bored – Endless links of games, videos, pictures and articles ~ what’s not to love?! Many an hour wasted…
  • Neopets – The very first website I ever visited on a regular basis, we 80s/90s kids will always remember Neopets. It’s changed a bit, but it’s still basically the same awesome cuteness we obsessed over (especially those of us who didn’t have computers at home to go on the internet – we had to wait until we visited friends’ houses!). I still love Neopets, and I’m not ashamed of it.
  • Sushi Cat Games – I’m not 100% sure how I came across Sushi Cat, but it was love at first play. There are currently 3 different Sushi Cat games – Sushi Cat, Sushi Cat The Honeymoon, and Sushi Cat 2. Same premise for all 3, Sushi Cat just wants his cute pink kitty to be nice and safe!
  • Violet LeBeaux – As we already know, Miss MaSucree and I are completely addicted to Violet’s blog. I often waste hours browsing through her posts, I always managed to find something I haven’t already seen.
  • Makeup Geek – Full of tips, tutorials, videos and ideas, it’s a positive treasure trove for makeup noobs like myself!
  • Beautylish – along the same lines as Makeup Geek, it’s a fantastic source for tips and tricks for makeup noobs. Also branches out into hairstyling too!
  • – I like to have this running in the background during the day because I’m weird and love rain – I’m not looking forward to summer at all!
And last, but certainly not least…
  • Facebook ~~ ! That one’s a given. I spend ridiculous amounts of time playing games on Facebook. My current favourites are Gnome Town, Sims Social, and Wedding Street. Yay, Facebook!
Right! There are plenty more guilty pleasures of the internet that I have not shared, but that’s enough for now. Please share your guilty pleasures with me too, I’m all for more time-wasting and procrastinating! Anything that lets me avoid writing assignments…
-Del xx

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