MaSucree’s Recent Purchase Reviews

31 Aug

The last couple of Saturday’s Delindel and I have been quite busy going out and buying many sparkly things. Along the way I picked up some new products to try, so I thought since I have had a little while to try them out I would review some of my recent purchases.

Funnily enough all of these products were brought from Postie+ which is my new favourite store!

Kleancolour Nail Laquer in 78. Red Angel:

My job as a librarian usually means I can not have my nails painted nice colours, nor can I even have them painted clear due to the amount of hell they get put through. I have been trying really hard lately to look after them, by either using hand cream or getting my daily intake of milky goodness, which has paid off.

When Delindel introduced me to Kleancolor nail polish I did not expect much from it in the way of lasting power. But I was amazed! I painted my nails Sunday and today Wednesday evening I have only little minor chips on the tips. Any other brand would have chipped horribly by now and need taking off and my whole nails repainted. I am quite happy to leave my nails another couple of days with this polish.

So not only is this nail polish hard wearing but it goes on amazingly! It also dries really quickly too, I have a nasty habit of smudging me nail polish but no smudges with Kleancolor due to it drying so fast. AND isn’t the bottle just gorgeous?!
Price: NZD $4.00
Five Stars

BYS Eyeliner pencil is Deep Purple:

I usually am a little tentative about trying colour on my eyes, I usually stick to my gold shades or black. However this gorgeous looking purple eye-liner was only NZD $5.00, so I thought it would be a way for me try a different colour without spending mega bucks. I was surprised with how nice BYS eye-liner was to used, usually cheaper brand eye-liner goes on like crayon but it just smoothed itself on.

With my green eyes this shade of purple looked amazing! I now try and wear it as often as possible XD I so look forward to trying some of the other BYS colours.
Price: NZD $5.00
Five Stars

MIKI Lip Conditioner in Vanilla:

This was a spur of the moment purchase as I loved the packaging and the price NZD $3.00 each or two for NZD $5.00. Now this lovely little lip conditioner does not leave my handbag and I use it instead of the more expensive lip conditioners I had been buying. AND this actually works!!! My lips hate winter and air conditioning but now my lips are smooth and subtle and MWAH!

The other three flavours also have a very pleasant smell nothing too over powering and the colour of the stick does not transfer. I am so going back to get a couple more and at the price they are also amazing little presents!
Price: NZD $3.00 or two for NZD $5.00
Five Million Stars 

And this my lovelies in the handbag that taunts me every day on the way down to the bus stop. It is in the Farmer’s shop front window and inside as well so it follows me into the store in three amazing colours! The one I want is the darker creamy caramel one of the right. The brand is Ooh la la Australia and costs NZD $150.00. I have managed to convince the higher powers to let me buy it but I just have to save up…though I am prepared to starve XD ok not really that is why I am saving. But is it not gorgeous? It also have pretty cream and black boudoir striped lining. *dribbles*

So that is all for now my pretties. MWAH!

❤ MaSucree


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