Here’s a Little Deco For You!

29 Aug

Sorry I haven’t been around – I’m still feeling quite crap and can’t summon the energy to do anything worth blogging about. I tried to make a bit of an effort today and while I was wrapped in a blanket on the couch watching Mononoke Hime, I decoed a silver business card holder I got from Daiso last week. I got the holder with the intention of storing business cards from all the neat places I go to – when I remember to grab them!

Raw materials! Gold leopard print fuzzy deco sticker, silver card holder, amber coloured crystal deco stickers (not pictured).

Now I wanted the sticker to be seamless, so I had fun figuring out the right shape and everything. Reminded me of primary school when we had to make cubes and whatnot ^_^ I got it right fairly easily!

It’s got my Soap Opera business card in there ^_^

At first I was going to leave the top with just the leopard print, but I love shiny things so I couldn’t resist adding some amber coloured crystals.

It doesn’t look too bad for my first try with leopard stickers! Now I’m going back to bed to wallow in my tissues, cough drops, and lemon/honey drinks. Good night!

-Del xx


One Response to “Here’s a Little Deco For You!”

  1. amynu201 August 29, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    i loike this

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