MaSucree and Delindel’s South meets West Adventure

28 Aug

Yesterday (Saturday) Delindel and I went out shopping. I know really we seem to do it all the time, but we…oh wait we do XD!  First we went to Westfield Manukau to get Delindel’s shoes (that’s where she works), and as expected we ended up doing a little bit of shopping.

MaSucree’s Manukau Haul:

  • Dark Teal dress from Postie+
  • Black Diamond patterned stockings from Shanton
  • Brown handbag from Equip
  • Black Lace Gloves from Equip

Afterwards we went back to my house out west and glammed ourselves up for the day and fueled ourselves with yummy food. Om nom nom. I said to Delindel that we would not be long at Lynn Mall, what a silly thing to say that was! I wore my new high heels, my new dark teal dress and diamond stockings.
I did towards the end regret the new high heels as my poor little toes started to get grumpy ><.
This is what the Diamond stockings look like on:

This is when I went into JBHIFI and brought my most beautiful Camera. Because I loved my new stockings so much I went back to Shanton! We also popped into Postie+ (yes I know we already went at Manukau but every store is different and it was definitely worth it!) and 2 Cheap.

  • Leopard print and podka dot scarf from the scarf place in the middle right by OPSM and BNT
  • Plum and Black lace stockings from Shanton
  • Camera Case from 2 Cheap
  • Miki Vanilla lip conditioner from Postie+
  • Kleancolour Nail polish in 78 Angel Red from Postie+
  • Three different colour sheets of Leopard print furry stickers from 2cheap

This is the lace stockings on:

and the plum ones on:

Delindel also got a mighty amount of things. Supposedly I am really bad to go shopping with…

Delindel here now! Yes Miss MaSucree is a terrible influence on me! I also managed quite a haul in Manukau, unfortunately my biggest purchase is being sent to my house so I don’t have photos…. yet! New shoes for/from work 😉 Here’s the rest of my haul though:

  • Receipt for new shoes from Overland
  • Grip pads and gel cushions from Overland (staff discount ohhhh yeaaahhhh!)
  • Cute purse and rose earrings from Equip
  • Adorable drop ball earrings from Farmers (on sale for $5!)
After having a yummy yummy morning tea at Miss MaSu’s, we had fun making her all pretty, and I got some new clothes from her wardrobe (score!) ^__^ Then we headed off to Lynn Mall, which I had never been to before. I managed to come back with a smallish haul, however I haven’t pictured the painkillers, bottles of water and cough drops I had to buy from the supermarket XD

  • Swirly grey scarf and dotty teal scarf from the same scarf stall as MaSucree’s scarves ($5 each!)
  • 3 leopard print deco stickers and 2 packets of deco crystals from 2cheap
  • Jordana lipstick #106 “Chestnut” from 2cheap
  • BYS creme eyeshadow pencil in “Natural” from Postie
  • Miki Spearmint lip conditioner from Postie
  • Kleancolor EYE dentity Duo Eyeliner in Brown from Postie
  • Kleancolor X Infinity Volume Mascara in Black from Postie
  • Control Extra Hold hairspray from Postie
So there we have it! Not too bad a haul considering how rubbish I was feeling 😉 I’m battling a nasty cold or flu at the moment, hence I haven’t been posting. It’s hard to justify getting out of bed when your head throbs this badly. Miss MaSucree is so lucky that I already love her so much. She was very good to me ^_^ I’m looking forward to trying out some Kleancolor products that aren’t nail polishes! I was deeply excited that the Lynn Mall Postie had the brand, I have only ever come across their nail polishes before. I’m looking forward to another Westie adventure!

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