New Camera and DECO!

27 Aug

Me and Delindel went out shopping today (I know again, there will be a post tomorrow about our shopping trip;-p). I told her if I go into JBHIFI I would come out with a new camera…and funnily enough I did. I of course got higher permission from Gabby! The sales guy was most helpful and let us have a play around with the camera before I purchased it. He even gave me a really good deal too.

So the camera I cam out with is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-S1 in black (of course). It has the most amazing amount of modes like for taking photos of food and babies! It also has this little intelligent mode where it will automatically pick a mode for the type of photo your are taking.

So of course my sexy new camera must have a case, but there was no way I was going to spend the $20-$30 they were asking for a case and JBHIFI. So I went to 2 Cheap and purchased a $1.00 silver camera case.

What a boring little case, not MaSucree at all! So out came the Deco!!!! Mwahahaha!!!

I love leopard print!!!!

Mmmmm not quite finished!

And here is my finished Camera case, for one dollar and all prettified! Hope you enjoyed my Deco update! I did it all with my new camera! SQUEE!

Till tomorrow my lovelies!
❤ MaSucree


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