Beauty Product Suggestions

26 Aug

After I had had a Red Bull and was talking poor Lauren’s (sorry by the way) ear off about makeup and beauty products, I came to an idea. I have tried a heck of a lot of beauty products in the last couple of years. Until I moved out this year my bathroom cupboard was full to the brim and then some with bottles and pots of anything and everything.

Now that I live out of home I have been going through my stash and finally deciding on what I do actually like. I can now recommend you just about anything for any need. So I thought that with my newly discovered gift of the gab when it comes to beauty products I would share with you some of my recommendations.


ZA make-up and beauty products: The main ZA product I use is their True White Two-Way powdered foundation. This is my everyday make-up necessity and it is lovely to use. I tried changing to another make-up brand and almost immediately came back. It can be put on with a sponge or brush or even put on wet (which I am yet to try). You can purchase just the powder refill for around NZD $17.00 or get the compact as well (which I decoed here) for around NZD $21.00. They also put out limited edtion free compacts that are super cute – Delindel also decoed one of these here.

I also use their Pure Shine Lipstick (pictured above) in RD2 Honey Rouge and the Plumper Lip Gloss in 03 Honey. I would also highly recommend the ZA True White Essence, it does not actually bleach or whiten your skin, but evens the skintone out. I had the most perfect skin when using this product. It is not cheap, but is well worth the NZD $32.00. It also looks amazing underneath make-up.
Four Stars


Apicare Vanilla Honey
Apicare Vanilla Honey

Apicare: I do try hard to buy products from New Zealand and this is one of my favourites. They have such a wide range of smells and products. Wild Rose and Vanilla Honey are my favourites from their vast selection of products.

They are very reasonably priced too. The Vanilla Honey Creamy Soap Bar is NZD $10.90 and this bar is huge! I used it every day for 6 months and I, with my little hands, had to use both hands to use it XD. I have been pining over the Wild Rose Body Moisturiser which is NZD $19.90. I have used other moisturisers by Apicare and they are to die for! If you want to spoil yourself with out the huge price tag these guys really are the place to go!
Five Stars!


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Daily Calming Facial Lotion

Palmers: I just started using their Daily Calming Facial Lotion (pictured above) NZD $16.99. My skin feels so lovely after using it and this lotion is helping to get rid of the dryness that Winter causes. It has no real smell, which is lovely as I do have sensitive skin when it wants.

I have tried other Palmer’s products like the Cocoa Butter Fomula Body Lotion, I preferred this one’s smell as I tried it fragrance free. It does not have an overpowering smell and it does fade during the day. It does make a big difference to your skin, especially if you use it everyday!  Which I am super slack about. I also tried the Olive Formula Body Butter, which does not pong either but is instead really lovely!

Palmer’s is also really reasonably price and a great way to look after your skin whether body or face.
Four and a Half Stars

Rimmel London:

Rimmel London: I have been using Rimmel ever since I started using makeup, it started with their jet black kohl eyeliner in my goth teenage years and moved on to all parts of their lovely range. The main products I use from Rimmel are their nail polishes 60 seconds and Lycra Pro. I also adore their Moisture Renew Lipsticks, I have Berry Queen and Heather Shimmer.
Rimmel also is really reasonably priced but can be a bit hard to find sometimes; Farmers is always your best bet.
Four Stars


I so love their eyeshadows! I have their itense i-colour and their intense i-colour eyeshadow with light interplay. Their products’ main pull is that they have products to enhance certain eye colours and they do! I have green eyes and it really makes them pop! All of their products are lovely and easy to use and do not irritate the skin.

I do have a bit of problem with their price tag $28.50 NZD (approx.) per product. I have been lucky lately to pick up Almay cheap from Postie+ lately, it is still the same brand but just their old packaging.
Three and a Half Stars.


Scully’s Bulgarian Rose is my favourite fragrance of the Scully’s products. My lovely brother got me some of their rose soap and rose shower gel for my Birthday this month! I had also treated myself for Christmas last year to their rose talcum powder and Gabby’s brother brought me some hand cream. It is divine, it makes me feel like a vintage femme fatale *wiggles eyebrows* I have a long list of Bulgarian Rose products that I want to buy maybe I can spoil myself soon. Rose Body Whip? Doesn’t that just sound magical om nom nom nom!

Scullys come in many other smells too, like Lavender and Lime and Basil! Either way you go you’re going to smell divine.
Five Stars!

Blue Earth Soap:

Blue Earth are really quite amazing! Just like some of the other New Zealand beauty products I have reviewed they have a very wide selection of products. Their soaps come in two different size normal soap size (90g) which is $5.50 and larger soap bar (180g) for $9.00. Blue earth is a little hard to find but are easy enough to get sent to you and the shipping is really cheap. If you are lucky they may even throw in the ends of some blocks 😉 They’re just lovely like that!

My favourite bars are:
Angel’s Love Cake (pictured above)
Warlock’s Block

Do make sure you have a good look round their online store their products are a reasonable price and lovely to use.
Four Stars. 

Soap Opera NZ:

Ok so I am not going to write another review just yet about Soap Opera NZ! I think they are super duper amazing and lovely and you can read all about that in my stand alone Review of Soap Opera NZ.
Four and a Half Stars! 

Honourable Mentions:
Tresemme Hair products
Pam’s makeup remover wipes
BYS makeup

So I hope you got through reading all that, it was fun to write but now I have compy eye O_O Any questions just ask.

Till next time my sweeties.

❤ MaSucree


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