For the Love of Tea

24 Aug

For a very long time I was a self-confessed coffee fiend. I drank the stuff, I breathed the stuff, I lived the stuff. Even now I find it extremely difficult to deny myself a good cup of coffee. But over the summer, when we briefly lived at my husband’s parents’ place, my mother-in-law encouraged me to develop my taste for tea. I’ve long been the occasional tea-drinker, generally just a mug every now and then of English Breakfast or Earl Grey when I was living with my dad as a teenager. The bagged kind of tea. My dad greatly influenced my tea-drinking style – strong, hot, sweetened with a touch of honey and finished off with a dash of milk.

Our stint living with the in-laws while preparing for the wedding led to daily cups of tea with my (at that point soon-to-be) mother-in-law. She often encouraged me to try a few different kinds, usually the herbal infusions (also bagged). Then when we moved out into our current place, I bought a teapot and a strainer and since then my love of tea has blossomed. I bought my first bag of loose leaf tea at my nearest Tofu Shop, a bag of jasmine green tea. I spent many a day brewing my tea and learning how to enjoy tea minus the milk and honey (it’s still a stretch, I’m working on it!).

Since discovering the amazement that is Aaah! Tea I absolutely cannot deny that I have cultivated within myself a propensity to prefer delightful ever-so-slightly expensive teas. For my first box, I decided to try the Spicy Chai since I had already fallen in love with the glory that is a chai latte. The excitement I felt when that first box was delivered to my front door cannot be described.

Image from Aaah! Tea website

I practically skipped into the kitchen and started boiling some water. Since my first teapot, I have upgraded to a single-cup strainer as I have learned that no matter how much I beg, my husband will never be willing to try tea. My first cup of Spicy Chai was quite simply divine, and from the very first sip, I was completely hooked. I would die for this tea company.

Every new blend they release is completely fantastic. I have 6 different boxes currently in my kitchen (which I really ought to buy some jars for…) and I haven’t yet come across one that I wouldn’t recommend. Not fond of spiced black teas? Try a plain black tea. Or a flavoured green! (They’re divine!) With every order they also send you a small selection of samples of other teas, so I can safely say that their herbal and fruit infusions are brilliant as well (though ever-so-slightly harder to justify adding milk and honey… I told you, I’m working on it!). I’m particularly fond of the Rooibos blends – the Gingerbread Man is my favourite.

My favourite lemon blend is the Whispering Lemon, it’s a black tea base flavoured with lemon grass, licorice, and a few bits of berries! Other blends that I have purchased and not yet tried (because I don’t want to un-seal them before I have some airtight containers to store them!) are the absolutely amazing-sounding Christmas Cookies, the smooth-sounding Creamy Caramel, and the divine-sounding Rooibos blend Cinnamon Plum.

So! If you love tea, or are a little bit curious, I 5000% recommend trying Aaah! Tea. With every sip you can taste the love and devotion that has gone into the creation or choosing of every blend. Most are sourced from overseas depending on the best growing places, but the Healing Herbal range is blended here in Auckland. There’s an interesting interview with founder Leanne Pratt over at Easy Green Living. Have a browse around the Aaah! Tea site and find something that appeals! I guarantee there’ll be something for every taste.

Other tea shops that have been recommended to me are the T2 shop in Botany, and The Tea Lady up in Birkenhead. I intend to give them a go asap!

Oh look! Just before I posted this I went to our local Look Sharp Store with Sir Husband and picked up some small glass spice jars. Hopefully they fit all my tea in them, and I’ll post some pics once I’ve decorated them and made them pretty!

Yum yum yum!

Happy (tea) drinking everybody!

-Del xx


6 Responses to “For the Love of Tea”

  1. violet August 25, 2011 at 4:49 pm #

    I haven’t tried Aaah! Tea before but I’m definitely checking out the website now, it sounds delicious! I like T2 as well but my all time favorite is Lupicia, so yummy and so many varieties!

    • domesticminxes August 26, 2011 at 6:54 am #

      Thank you for the comment! I (MaSucree) has a quick look at Lupicia tea and they look amazing! Thanks for the suggestion. We have become such avid tea drinkers now here on Domestic MInxes ❤

  2. Jordyn August 26, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    Do u think they send to australia im so keen 2 try these teas. Awesome website ladies x

    • domesticminxes August 26, 2011 at 11:26 am #

      I think they send just about anywhere! If not I could ship them over for you! ❤ Thanks for commenting


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