Soap Opera NZ Review

23 Aug

So when I started drafting this post I had yet to see that the lovely people at Soap Opera NZ had actually linked us on their facebook page. How exciting is that!!!???

Last Saturday Delindel and I went out shopping to Botany Town Centre where we discovered the Soap Opera NZ store. We spent a good amount of time going round their store smelling all of the many lovely things they had. If you visit their Facebook Page you can oggle and dribble all over the pictures they have of their products. They have so many things, but sadly we did not have much left as we visited at the end of our shopping trip.

I brought the strawberry bath salts which reminds me so much of strawberry jelly beans I spent the rest of the afternoon sniffing it until I could get home and give them a spin. For such a bright red it does not actually stain the water or you for that matter and keeps its smell. The magical thing was actually hoping in the bath, the water felt silky! I may have possibly stayed in the bath until well after I was pruney hehe.

I also brought two bars of the caramel toffee soaps, two bars of the pineapple lumps soap and one bar of the licorice allsorts soap. And YES they do actually smell like said sweets, almost tempted have a nom of them….almost. When I was buying these I tried so hard to be restrained and only buy two, but the awesome and lovely lady told be that if you get five of them which is one of their cutely wrapped lolly bags it is $10! TEN DOLLARS! How could I say no to that?! So that is why I ended up with five bars.

During my Saturday night bath after the long shopping trip and I tried the caramel toffee soap bar. It is gorgeous! Sometime you buy nice smelling soaps and they are actually crap when you go to use them. NOT in this case! After my bath my skin felt all silky and soft (and smelt damn yummy too!).  The bar has not vanished either which can happen to other soaps after just a couple of uses, it was still the same size as when I brought it.

So now my bathroom has the pleasant smell of a sweet store and my skin feels lovely after using Soap Opera NZ soaps.  Delindel and I are already plotting our next trip back for more soaps and smelly things. I would highly recommend….not wait I INSIST that you try Soap Opera NZ as they have beautiful products, are reasonably priced (like extremely), lovely shop assistants and and totally awesome staff!

Thanks again Soap Opera NZ for the link on your Facebook page. Not only has your soap won me over, your whole team has.

❤ MaSucree



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