Proper Shoe Care Tips from a Semi-Expert!

22 Aug

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I have a serious soft spot for shoes. Ever since I started working at Overland Footwear I have fallen in love with quality shoes and find it seriously difficult to justify buying a shoe that isn’t leather these days.

In addition to developing a taste for expensive (but long-lasting!) footwear, I have become insanely obsessed with proper shoe care and have an entire box full of products to aid this obsession. This photo doesn’t even show everything I have!

So I thought today I’d do a post on proper shoe care, in particular for black leather boots. It was actually quite difficult to get photos for this because I never let my boots actually get dirty or run-down. So I’ll start with MaSucree’s boots. On Saturday I granted her access to my box of magic tricks and schooled her in the correct order and use of shoe cleaning products. We didn’t get a photo of the before, but they weren’t dirty as such, just in need of a little TLC. MaSu’s boots are from Mi Piaci if anyone is interested.

To achieve this black, shiny, improved version of MaSu’s boots, I recommend in the following order:

  • Leather Conditioner. An absolute must-have for all leather shoes, including patents, leather conditioner is a neutral cream. It softens and moisturises the leather as well as cleaning it, stripping it down to its original state. Always always use it first, because if you use it after using coloured polish it will simply remove the polish.
  • Beeswax dressing. Now, a lot people prefer not to use beeswax as it can be quite difficult to apply correctly. The key point when using beeswax is to apply only a very small amount using a soft cloth, and let it dry naturally before applying anything else. I love beeswax because it is the best way to waterproof leathers and also preserves it so your shoes will last longer! Only to be used on smooth leathers though, and generally only for black boots. If you use it on brown leathers, it will darken the colour. Once the beeswax has dried, buff the shoes with a soft cloth.
  • Self-shining Cream with Sponge. This stuff is fantastic, and a lot easier to use than renovating polish. It’s super easy to apply because it comes with the sponge; and requires very little buffing afterwards because of the built-in shine. Good idea to use it if your boots have some scuffs or discolouration. Now let it dry!
  • Protector Spray. Completely awesome waterproofing/stainproofing silicon spray, you can use it on all leather shoes, satins, leather-lookalikes, and canvas (i.e. you can use this bitch on anything!) Spray it over the whole shoe from a distance of about 30cm, then let it dry. Don’t stress out when you see tiny drops as you spray, they soak into the material super quickly.
  • Instant Shine. These awesome sponges give leathers a very quick and simple shine that comes from the silicone oil and waxes in the sponge. They come in small sizes too and are fantastic for giving your shoes a little extra zing when they’re looking a bit raggedy!
So that’s how we got MaSucree’s rundown boots looking so nifty and shiny!
My boots decided they wanted a very quick makeover today. When my leathers want a quick makeover, I simply stick to leather conditioner and instant shine, see it does make a difference to shoes that are already pretty clean!

Sorry about the super long spiel on shoe care, but seriously >< Keep your shoes looking nice guys! I hate people-watching at uni (which actually consists of shoe-watching) and seeing beautiful shoes looking like crap.

Until tomorrow!
-Del xx

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