MaSucree’s Fail Proof Recipes

22 Aug

You know that moment after you have invited people over and not thought about what to make until the last possible moment? Here are two fail proof recipes to aid you in those moments. Also they taste really yummy so I love making them.

Roast Vege Salad:

Your will need:
-red potatoes 2-3 (add more for more people)
-whole red onion
-Capscium (any colour)
-10-12 button mushrooms (or more if you love them like me XD)
-2-3 Gloves of Garlic (finely chopped)
-1 Tomato
-6-7 Yams
-1 Parsnip
-1/4 pumpkin
-3-4 Tbs Olive Oil (extra for oven dish)
-2-3 tsp of garlic salt
-1-2 tsp mixed herbs

Set the oven to 200 degrees and add some oil to an oven dish. Set to one side.

Prepare your vegeables by peeling and cutting into uniform size.

Put all the ingredients into a large container, secure the lid and shake!

Once everything coated properly place in the oven tray and then into the oven.

I don’t really have a set time for how long everything is in the over for because it does change depending on how much you use and so on and so forth. I always test to see if EVERYTHING (watch the parsnip) is soft and a golden colour.

While it is cooking you can make the rest of your meal, or if you want you can add extra of everything or any other veges you like and make it the main part of the meal.


You will need:
-Any Flavour jelly
-Plain or fruity yoghurt

Make up the jelly using 1 Cup of boiling water.

Let the jelly set a little so it looks like egg whites. I sometimes chuck it in the frezzer for a couple of minutes if I have left it a bit late.

Add 1 Cup of your yoghurt and quickly blend it all together with a egg beater or electiric mixer.

Do be careful when mixing as it does have a habit (or maybe I do) of getting it up the walls.

Pour it into one big bowl or lots of little fancy ones and then chill to firm in the fridge.

This recipe makes enough for 3-4 people, of course you can double the recipe for more  people. People will at first be a bit dubious of it, specially if you used green or orange jelly but I always find it a hit with my friends.

I hope these recipes help you out and if you have any questions just ask. I’ll post pictures when I can.

❤ MaSucree


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