MaSucree’s Book Review: The Stepsister Scheme

16 Aug

So as a librarian you should expect book reviews from me annnnd as a total gothy nerd they are either time travel, retold fairytales or involve highlanders. (Its also quite possible it could have all of the above as well XD). Ok I exaggerate a little, I do read other stuff as well.

So today’s review is:

The Stepsister Scheme By Jim C. Hines as recommended to me by the a fellow librarian.  The Stepsister Scheme is the first in a series involving Danielle (Cinderella), Snow (Snow White) and Talia (Sleeping Beauty). If you love the Disney fairytales and do not wish to ruin your childhood stop reading right now! This take of the fairytales use the original dark and gruesome fairytales and folklore of your beloved Dinsey Characters. I think Talia’s (Sleeping Beauty) is the most heartwrenching story of the lot.


The story focuses on Danielle (Cinderella) and is set after she has married her handsome prince. Once a slave to her evil stepmother and stepsisters Danielle is still getting used to palace life and not being the one to scrub the floors. Married life is just getting good 😉 when her beloved husband is kidnapped and whisked way! So Danielle joins up with Snow the kick-ass sorceress and Talia a fairy bless weapon of doooooom to get him back.

Not to ruin anymore of the story I’ll let you decide for yourself. There are some dark parts in this book as well as some funny moments.  The story is a very exciting read which will keep you up late into the night. There is also a touch of romance but nothing too mushy (and no bodice ripping either).

I give “Step Sister Scheme” 8/10.

❤ MaSucree

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