Pumpkin Soup Like Mama makes

15 Aug

I absolutely adore pumpkin soup and no one makes it better than my mama. So over a cup of coffee I got the recipe. It is a super duper easy recipe that you can add and take away extras to suit your own personal taste.

First of all you can make this soup with hardly any pumpkin to a heck of a lot of pumpkin, depends on how much you want it to make. For this recipe I am going to use ½ a pumpkin. ½ a pumpkin feeds four people with a little bit spare the next day. If you use more than ¾ of a pumpkin use a whole onion, and increase the chicken and curry stock to 3tsp. Or you can leave it as is, if you’re not too fond of curry powder.Pumpkin Soup:½ butter-nut pumpkin

½ onion

2-3 gloves of garlic

2tsp of chicken stock (*can be removed if you’re that way inclined.)

1-2 tsp of mild curry powder (*can be removed if you do not like curry powder.)

*if you remove the chicken stock or curry powder add salt to the mix for taste.

1.Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin and then chop it up so it is easy for you to peel. Once you have finished peeling it (you will have lovely orange/yellow hands -_-) chop it up into cubes, the size depends on how quickly you wish for it to cook, I find 2-3cm cubes is a good size.

2.Put your pumpkin to one side and chop up your onion super duper fine. Place your onion on the bottom of a slightly oiled pot. I used olive oil for this. When the onion has started to go see through add the garlic on top DO NOT MIX! We don’t want the garlic to cook too much just to get a little warm.
3.Start adding all your pumpkin and once it is in the pot cover it with water, I have my pumpkin floating a little bit too. (Remember the water does boil down, so its ok if you go nuts with the water).4.While it is starting to boil add the curry powder and chicken stock, mix it in and now its time to wait.

5.It is perfectly ok to leave your pumpkin soup to boil away on the stove top, because this will take a good hour (depending on how much you have to do). Occasionally check your soup to make sure it has not run out of water, and to stir it!

6.If it is getting low on water and not everything is cooked yet, just chuck some more in (I promise you will not break the soup).

7.As you stir your soup you will notice that it is getting all mushy, this is what we want! Once everything is all mushed up, cooked and you cubes are long gone, let the water simmer down till there is next to none. Then BING! Your soup is done.

8.If you wish you can stick it in a blender, or stick blend it smooth. I personally prefer my bitsy.

Tada! If you have any questions ask away!
❤ MaSucree

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