MaSucree and Delindel’s epic day out

14 Aug

Yesterday Delindel and I went out on our epic day out that we had been planning on all week!

I flew round to Delindel’s house and we took over her kitchen to beautify ourselves. I got to give Delindel a hime pouf which was difficult because of the gratuitous amounts of hair she has, but after much poufing and curling she came out with a super cute and sweet hair do. I curled the bottom of my hair which I had just dyed dark reddy brown (not that it was meant to have the red in it! XD).

It came out quite well if I say so myself 🙂

So once we had finishing beautifying ourselves we hopped in my car and drove into town, however we took a small detour over the harbour bridge. BECAUSE I DID NOT LISTEN TO DELINDEL! I am fully ready to take the blame. Lucky once we went over the bridge we quickly got to turn around and come back!


Anyway once we finally got into town and found a place to park we went to this amazing Japanese store just past the town hall. There  we brought many things including pink panda biscuits! They are so to die for!  I only saved one for Gabby to try, luckily the store is super close to work 😀

And theeeeeen we went to my favourite place ever for lunch Habitual Fix.  You can order from a set menu or make your own salad, sandwhich or wrap.

It was so delicious I didn’t notice that I ate part of my fork until it was too late. T_T

And right up the road from Habitual Fix is Daiso where we spent much money on shiny things. We ran into Delindel’s friend Vefalasiel who joined us on our hunt for cute and sparkly things. Our hunt led us to the giant chemist where Delindel brought a mini hair straightener which she will hopefully be reviewing later this week.

We also stopped at Look Sharp to look for Deco supplies but sadly they had none 😦 So we went for cake YAAAAY! We went to the super cute La Couronne. They have too many yummy things I didn’t know where to start, I brought a raspberry and a passion-fruit mini macaroon. They were pretty tasty but I want to try the real thing now!

This is Delindel’s haul for the day.

-Cute Sakura blossom bento box (left) with matching chopsticks and extra strawberry chopsticks (front right) from the Japanese store past the town hall. That is also where the panda cookies are from too XD
-White Remmington hair straigtner from Unichem Pharmacy Queen Street.
-Black comb and hair brush (left front), sakura hair clip (left), deco stickers, chopstick rest, hair clip container (left) and Q10 hand cream from Daiso.
-Cath Kidstone Rose lip gloss and hand and nail kit from Smith & Caughey’s
-Rimmel Mascara and ZA concealer from Farmers
-Three super pretty bows from aaaah….??? A cute little Asian store in the MidCity arcade.

And this is my haul for the day squeeee!

-Bunny Bento box with matching chopsticks from Japanese store past the Town Hall. PANDA COOKIES MOAR!!
– Lace socketts (left), pouf clip (right) and deco stickers from Daiso
-Purple hair colour spray from Unichem Pharmacy
-Purple bowtie (to be turned into hair clip), black feathers and black fan from Look Sharp
-Cath Kidstone Rose Lip Gloss from Smith & Caughy’s

So as you can see we did heaps of shopping and I didn’t even mention all the stores we went into! We had so much fun we are already planning our next Epic Day Out.

❤ MaSucree


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