Delindel’s Very First Deco Attempts, and a Restaurant Recommendation for Aucklanders

14 Aug

So after developing an addiction to Miss Violet’s Blog, I have discovered within myself a deep and desperate need to make all my things shiny and blingy and sparkly… enter the art of decoden!

While out shopping yesterday with MaSucree, I tried to find some deco supplies that weren’t pre-made stickers or cases made for iPhones (since I have a Samsung smartphone powered by Android… yeah I love it and am totally proud) … This proved to be extremely difficult and it’s not the first time I’ve been ridiculously disappointed by the shopping opportunities of Auckland. Needless to say, when I get paid this week I’m going to be ordering some supplies from Japan.

Fortunately, today I managed to convince Sir Husband to take a break from his presentation-writing and perfecting to take me to Spotlight where I was able to source a few relatively inexpensive deco supplies! Today’s haul included rhinestones and a few pearlized cabochons, all with pre-sticked backs.

All I had to do was peel them off and stick them to stuff! In the future, once I’ve had more practice, I think I’d prefer to use epoxy or something similar, I’m not expecting these designs to last very long.

I had fun and attacked the new bobby pin case I got from yesterday’s haul with MaSu, since it was blue and glittery I went for the big blue rhinestones and white pearls…






I also attacked the back of my mp3 player. Unfortunately I forgot to take before photos… but it was just a plain black player anyway so it’s all good… now the black back is all pretty and sparkly and purple, which happens to be among my favourite colours.




And just before I went out for dinner I attacked my old Revlon light-up mirror that I take everywhere. I got it for free from Sir Husband’s sister 😉  I decided on purple and the amber-coloured rhinestones.





I’m quite happy with it, it looks so shiiiiiiiiny in person.

Finally, for the restaurant recommendation: If you’re ever in the mood for amazing home-style pizzas… seriously try out Papa’s Pizza in Kingsland. Absolutely brilliant food, and the restaurant itself is situated in an adorable old house, with lovely décor and fantastic mood music. However, I’d be wary about going during the World Cup, as they are directly across from the stadium!

-Del xx


2 Responses to “Delindel’s Very First Deco Attempts, and a Restaurant Recommendation for Aucklanders”

  1. vefalasiel August 15, 2011 at 4:12 am #

    So blingy! I like ze mirror.

    You should do that to your sunglasses next!

    • domesticminxes August 15, 2011 at 4:34 am #

      I don’t have sunglasses! Cos I wear glasses all time >< I can't decide what to do next!
      I'm excited to get some more supplies!
      -Del x

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