Domestic Minxes

13 Aug

Welcome to the first post of Domestic Minxes. First of all we are going to introduce both MaSucree and Delindel!

My name is MaSucree, I am 22 years old and I live with my boyfriend Gabby in Auckland,New Zealand. I have a fulltime job as a Librarian, but for the rest of the time I  am a domestic goddess. I adore cute and gothic things as well fooooood. In my spare time I make mini cakes and sweets out of polymer clay, as well as other crafty accessories, I also love to draw, deco and cook.

You can find my personal blog at

Or you can look me up on deviantART at

I’m Delindel, and I’m 22. Currently living in Auckland with the love of my life (who also happens to be my husband), and his little brother.
I’m in my very  last semester at university studying Japanese and Asian Studies, working part-time at a fantastic shoe store to pay the bills, and am a self-proclaimed domestic goddess / tea minx. In my spare time I am addicted to beading, baking and reading, and often make small forays into various crafty projects!

My personal blog is at (it’s mostly full of cute and pretty and funny things)

Or you can look me up on deviantART at

So welcome to Domestic Minxes were we will share with you our crafty creations, reviews of the places we visit and the products we use, and just generally update on what is going on.


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